Too close for comfort

I should have dedicated myself to this post a long time ago.
And because they exist nowhere else other than my cluttered interior living quarters; I feel they should be released. 
I think secretly I was hoping they might be published somewhere before I needed to go on self promoting; but alas they are not.

Needless to say, this is my graduate collection: 'Furnishing the Self' 
(The following words are extracts from my book which documents the entire process from start to finish. They explain the sentiment/ concept behind the work.)

"The chair-dwellings;

A soft malleable shell is modeled on the stagnant object at hand thus forming a reproduced surface - a loose, shed-able skin which now moves beyond its original form. By imbuing the object with 'inner space' it can be experienced in new ways. What was once an object used to dwell on, can now be inhabited from the inside... it can attach itself more literally to the body as it does so metaphorically by being an anchor point in the person experience of 'home'.

And so the process of reconstructing dwelling space begins. A series of soft sculptures engulf the body and invite it to remain. Shaped or modeled on stagnant domestic objects, the floating homes are made more human through the act of wearing. By changing the angle of the relationship to the body, such a performance breathes life into the objects as they are animated by the cloth and worn by the body. Thus Furnishing the Self."

Photography by Peter Ryle. 
Hair and makeup by Ash @ Look Productions. 
Models are Ruby and Matt from Viviens.


And from Twenty Eight; our graduate exhibition... installation:


Snippits O' Summer

Along with the urge to simplify. Re-assess. Recover. Re-discover. Re-belong...re re ra. Also came the need to go home. New Zealand is beautiful.
The days fold into one, the body seems to hum. The following is  a collection of crops, discarded photos in a weeny little plastic (wood veneer) album I found in Arthurs Emporium.
You can find anything there... ANYTHING!

This, I will not dwell on (the not being there always thing). Just need to keep myself light(ish) with the knowledge that it will always remain. Que Sera, Sera.

Now to come back down and get back on with it. Hello 2010.