Happy you're not dead day!!

This one's for Emr. She's my favourite Lyell and it's her birthday today. Love you poss.




I love Ohno. 

Love at her fingertips

Yes, things like this still happen!!
One of my girlfriends recently attempted Rainbow Serpent for the first time. Upon embarking on a concoction of dream- like substances she was well and truly off with the fairies (which isn't too far removed from her usual nature actually). So anyhow she stumbled into a random van where she met a bunch of Itialians, one of which (quote, unquote) "kissed her back into reality." But no numbers where exchanged and that was that.

The following week, perusing down Sydney road she found this note attached to a pole. Actually there was 40 notes and 40 poles. The only information she had told him was that she lives in Brunswick. Now that's effort!