bearing light

Away from current life yet can't bear to let this one drift. My old friends refresh me but THIS directs me. The current issue of Another has a large article on Kazuo Ohno. I read it three times on the plane. It devoured me. It speaks of letting the spiritual moments direct your artistic response to life. His words astound, they are familiar. I feel so silly to have forgotten these things in my own life.

"The most important things in life trickle down randomly, drop by drop."


Current muse...

I am in love with Gold Coast Granny. Tis my inspiration for summer dress.

All images via googles search for 'hot/ fake tan/ grannies/ florida/ gold coast/ theres something about mary.'

The Wild Party

Any thespians at heart should definitely go see this play. (Jess and I may have also had a little something to do with the costumes) but aside from that it's a really amusing treat. It's an incredibly dynamic script, adapted from a poem by Joseph Moncure March, and a great deal of it is spoken - much like beat poetry. The actors are amazing, continually switching from role to role before your eyes... and they carry out the accents tremendously well.

I shall post more pics of the production a little later. But go... every Wed at Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall.... Flier:


Things I want to eat.

Recycled information, at least of the beautiful kind.
Ever since I stumbled upon this blog earlier this year (a late bloomer), I have been nothing but consistently inspired, touched, amazed... and brought closer to myself. I get this uncanny (human?) urge whenever I come in touch with things that pull at my heart strings, in that I seriously want to eat it... or have it somehow contained within me.
Literal consumption I guess - a physical hunger for beauty?
Anyhow... that's how I feel about most of the content in Sang Bleu. It's attention to the human body is what draws my interest most, being myself obsessed with its form and surface. This is exactly the kind of publication I would love to work for/ be seen in... maybe I'll work up the goods for a submission?...



These are home scans of a series of acetate slides I projected upon walls for my Furnishing the Self
assessment. They are extracts from my book. Some are research pages and others are images we made with the final garments.

Photo's by Peter Ryle and Kitty G.


'Wu Yong' - (useless)

> This collection does something to me that I can't quite explain.

Designer is Ma Ke. Images by  Zhou Mi.


Patrick Watson

One of the most beautiful songs ever written.


'things extend away from us in all directions'