The liquid language drips through their fingers...

"... But the hands gestures run everywhere through language, in their most perfect purity precisely when man speaks by being silent..." - M. Heidegger

Reflections (on touch).

Conversation: an exchange/ an interaction/ a communication between two or more/ the ideal form of communication...
Using the body's surface as the situation, the receiving-of and responding-to the information created through interaction. This exercise was conducted around an invitation. An invitation for two, to hold an intimate conversation between bodies. To converse as bodies, on bodies and through bodies, the liquid language was used as a metaphor for the engagement with a subject; a topic of conversation.

To feel ones way through; the language of touch:

They start off clean; Un-touched.
without words,
without record of any previous interaction;
a first greeting of sorts.

She primes the surface of his body in white,
a preparation coating for the things waiting to be said.
She splashes words in his face
...the language is spilt, 
a misunderstanding perhaps?

They experience the words as (physical) sensations,
being (rubbed in)
into the skin,
their meanings remain.

At times, the same thoughts are shared,
A unity.
A single hand and the dripping,
a transference of one idea to another,
a happy reception,

The cleansing or erasing of previous sentences
- the white wash over stains.
Opinions changed,
a series of 'sorrys',
the re-writing of a new day
speaks over the top of the others.

And at times, language wasn't even used,
the topic of conversation being purely interaction.
And that,
being enough,
being big enough a conversation to sustain singularity,

Non-other than bodies.

Nothing being said,
except for what was being said from skin-to-skin.

These are reflections I feel should remain unstructured. They require 'a reading into'. The language perceived is sensorial. And so, rationalisation using (actual) words seems noncore. 
For the purpose of thesis structuring, this 'doing' will lead into a chapter on the conversation a designer must have with her/ his materials; the need for sensory engagement with the process and the creation of material metaphors.

This post marks the entrance of an inquiry into the relationship between bodies and ideas.

The structure of a story to come...


MAKE (a conversation) WITH (touch)

Filmed by Peter Ryle
Featuring Crystal and Rowan
Edited by Yianni Warnock
Direction and concept by Kitty.

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