A seemingly solid surface - Materia Prima

The following images represent:
- A single moment in time. 
- Potentiality.
- How matter is formed and presented to us.
- Human interactions, cause and effect.
- The mapping of a single thought firing and creating more thoughts.


(1 million (or so) x magnification on the activity taking place within our concrete world)

The fabric of our world: 
of human interactions and appearance of all things material.

We are fundamentally all just bumping particles, giving off the illusion of being solid 
- Nothing is ever still. 
Even concrete is constantly evolving.
As particles engage with, bump-up against and respond to the energy that surrounds them, patterns are formed, matter is formed, a surface appearance is formed; relationships-between-things - are formed!

But really, it is still only the space between these interactions that permit anything to be here at all.
The space holding things together, creating definition, framing... 

- A concrete illusion - 

nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing something nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing... etc. etc.

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