Forms Emerging.

Sometimes you dont have to talk about it. The doing is a talking... but in any case...

A form a day.

Learning clay. 

Approaching it humbly as I ask it to share its elastic knowledge of emerging forms and pure potentiality. I am patient with it. Following its lead, responding to its demands. It yields to my fingers, I test its limits, its ability to stand tall, to retain shape, flow and structure in one single momentous curve.

Sometimes it says flat out No! I say, ok, you know best, so what shall you be?

The forms emerge then blend again. As soon as you think its going one way, it changes shape entirely. These are slow moves too, but so many things you have been already. So many things you could be. I could write a thesis on the potentiality, pure elasticity and consciousness of clay. The mystery of creation unfolds itself right through your very fingers.
Its an incredible knowing, this knowing of the hands. 

I want to make a form a day. To show the universe I'm ready to see some of my own emerging from the pool of potential I have floating around me. Inspiration is not the problem, wisdom and intention. Its action now that needs to take the lead. To start the manipulation of ideas into something more concrete. Something to spring from. The creative practice begins. The lump of clay is being approached.
Life, unfold before me.
I will yield to you and you to me. Together we will work to make something beautiful out of this earthy clump. We will not stop until we satisfy our need for beauty. I will approach you as a living,  breathing being. Just as wild horse is approached by a new rider. You must respect its nature, its power, you must yeild to it in order to tame it, show it you mean no harm so that you can work together for the same cause (like in Avatar, those bird things, you first need to make the connection). 

Then you become One. 
Breathe the same breath, think the same thoughts, feel the same energy, use each other to articulate things. 
This matter is not dead, it is not breathless, we think we use it but in equal measure it uses us to achieve its own potential. Like my friend Birdy as he tends to his Bonsai trees. He works with them, asks them first which way they want to grow. This respect for the spirit in things is imperative to making the world your friend. Building spiritual connections with all things living.
And all things are living - all things are animated by the same breath of life.
Charged by the same energy force.

In like manner, my life is this lump of clay before me. Learning respect for the natural qualities (spiritual as they manifest through the physical) within this particular new medium. Every act is a spiritual act. Making is the metaphor, the unfolding of theory into practice.
Floating ideas a they find their earthly symbol.

Floating mountains on their way to a higher world.

The skills I will learn, through trial and error. God bless the errors. They are the truly defining moments of understanding. I am unafraid of mistakes now, unafraid of ugliness because it can always be smoothed over. Nature reclaims control and nothing is ever permanent.

Sometimes the moment requires you to work fast, gestural, fearless even rough in handling. At other times more quiet, humble, thoughtful, slow and patient proportions are needed.
With every working a manipulation of the once form turns into the now form. Nothing ever remains the same. A piece is never finished. It can always be re-worked. No thing is wasted. The clay remembers everything it has once been and everything it will be. It is knowledge already attained in its elastic being. In its mind-stuff. The same amount of matter remains at all times on this earth,
already this earth has been many things. Probably even everything.

So much I could learn from this elastic earth.
It has Truth as part of its molecular make up.
It holds the answers to my questions of life and the spirit of creation.
Forms come and go but potentiality always remains. 
The art of becoming. 
The art of becoming what the clay wants to be,
for this moment anyway.
Then it will merge again.

Day 1: Collapsed bowl. now plate.

 Day 2: Pinch pots.

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  1. Floating mountains and concrete pots... I think the universe is very proud of your shapes ;-)