Morning Glory.

This morning I surrender myself to the rhythms of the universe.
The sun shines. I lie in it.
I fixate my mind on the peace and tranquility that surrounds me.
The water blue. Sky blue. All is a heavenly blue.
I ground myself in the dewy grass.
Warmth radiates around me, it penetrates into the depth of my being.
Light at its core, the sunshine meets itself in the middle.

I lay in Savasana.
I listen to the singing crickets,
the nattering tree birds,
the local sea birds soaring, preying,
the fish splashing,
the water lapping,
The oysters popping.
I listen to these things being.
To the morning being.
I acknowledge the soul in each of these life sources.


I thank God for this beauty.
I thank God.

My head to the ocean
My palms to the sky

I breathe.

I breathe deeply. Completely.
With every deep inhalation I feel my stomach rise.
With every exhalation it falls.







My breath is a bridge. It connects my spirit with the physical world around me.
I breathe in the soul of the day.
I breathe in beauty. I breathe cosmic atmosphere.
I breathe heaven into my earth.

I am warm on my East side. The sun side.
I become aware of the parts of my body in contact with the earth.
The back of my heels,
the two small pointy parts of my lower back,
my lower back,
middle back,
upper back,
shoulder blades,
my elbows and arms,
the back of my head.
Gravity holds me down
I am completely grounded.

I become the moment where earth meets the sky.
I marry the two.
I am their child. Father Sky. Earth Mother.
And in accordance I become their union.
The blending of one into the other.
And with this knowledge I feel the boundaries of my self expand.
Then I feel the boundaries dissolve.
I feel at One.
I feel no I.
I feel not singular, the edges are disseminating.
Becoming All.
I feel day. Light. Awareness. Being.

This dissolving sensation is the most beautiful in the world.
When you lose yourself to the moment. Become the moment.
Pure. Bliss.

I relax in this state for a few moments.
Mind fixed on nothing but my own Being.
My own breathing.
I breathe
I breathe
I breathe.

I start my Yoga. Union with the Divine.

I spiritualise my day.


When I am finished my practise I walk myself down to the moment where earth becomes water.
I immerse my feet.
I crouch, cup my hands and fill them with the salty ocean water.
I bathe my face. Wipe wet fingers across my closed eyes. My forehead.
I repeat these words aloud;

"Consciousness. Truth. Awareness. Love. Beauty. Peace. Joy. Compassion."

I sprinkle another hand-cup full over my head and let it drip down over my face and body.
Like Holy water blessed by the suns sattvic morning rays.
I repeat the Universal Prayer to the vast expanse of peace and stillness before me.

I begin my day.

This is my Sadhana. 

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